5 ways to know each other better in an arranged marriage scenario

Arranged marriage is prevalent in different cultures. Even scenarios where the bride or groom is unable to find a suitable match and they are introduced to potential partners through apps, friends and family is also an arrange marriage scenario. While many feel apprehensive about the bond such relationship can foster, the right approach can ease the path for both the people involved. Here we have listed five tried and tested approach to arrange marriage to nurture a loving and healthy bond over the years.

Open and Honest Communication

  • Foundation: Establish a foundation of open communication where both partners feel safe and comfortable sharing their thoughts, feelings, and experiences.
  • Regular Check-ins: Schedule regular check-ins to discuss how each person is feeling about the marriage and any concerns or joys they may have.
  • Active Listening: Practice active listening, where each person gives their full attention to the other while they are speaking, fostering a deeper understanding and respect.

Shared Experiences and Hobbies

    • Discovering and Enjoying Common Interests: One of the joys of any relationship is finding and engaging in activities that both partners enjoy. This could range from outdoor activities like hiking or biking to indoor pursuits like cooking, painting, or playing board games. The key is to actively seek out these common interests and regularly engage in them together.
  • Creating New Experiences: Exploring new experiences is a wonderful way to build a bond. This could include traveling to places neither has been before, trying out a new cuisine, attending workshops or classes together, or even each other’s ideas of sexuality. Try out sex doll together or a new adventure sport- the key is to stay open to each other’s quirks while respecting hard limits.

Understanding Each Other’s Backgrounds

  • Family Dynamics and Traditions: Spending time with each other’s families is crucial. It offers insights into the environment and values that shaped your partner. Understanding family dynamics, traditions, and values can greatly improve empathy and understanding within the relationship.
  • Cultural Appreciation: In cases where the couple comes from different cultural backgrounds, it becomes essential to learn about and respect these differences. This might involve celebrating each other’s festivals, understanding cultural nuances, and even learning a new language if required.
  • Personal Histories: Sharing personal histories, including childhood memories, life challenges, and triumphs, helps in building emotional intimacy. This sharing fosters a deeper understanding of each other’s fears, motivations, and aspirations.

Establishing Shared Goals and Values

  • Future Plans and Dreams: Discussing and aligning on future plans – such as career paths, where to live, financial planning, and family planning – is vital. It’s important to understand each other’s aspirations and how they fit into the marriage.
  • Values and Beliefs: Identifying and discussing core values such as honesty, integrity, family importance, and personal or spiritual growth helps in aligning life goals. When a couple shares similar values, it strengthens their bond and provides a common ground for decision-making.

Counselling or Guidance

    • Professional Help: Couples shouldn’t shy away from seeking professional help if they face challenges in their relationship. Marriage counsellors can provide unbiased advice and strategies for effective communication and conflict resolution.
    • Educational Resources: Attending workshops, seminars, or even online courses on relationship building can be extremely beneficial. These resources often provide practical tools for improving communication, understanding each other’s love languages, and managing expectations.
  • Community Support: Sometimes, seeking advice from trusted elders, religious leaders, or community members who have experience in nurturing long-term relationships can be invaluable. They can offer wisdom and perspective that come from years of experience.

The key to making arrange marriage a success is proactiveness. When both people are ready to communicate, understand and respect the other one, it will pave way for a brighter future.