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Maintain Consistent One-On-One Encounters

 Have everyone on the team bring their work dashboard or catalog. So, rather than wasting time on pointless fire drills, some of the time may be devoted to the things that matter. In a non-shaming manner, urge them to inform you if they are slipping behind in a way that poses a danger. Without a secure space for others to confide in you, you cannot assist them in solving their difficulties. They may need to rearrange their priorities or remove specific tasks from their to-do list. On other occasions, it may entail eliminating roadblocks.

When Providing Feedback, Be Fair

At the outset of a project, establish transparent criteria for evaluating progress. Be fair and consistent with your established requirements when providing feedback in your one-on-ones. In this approach, everyone can be held to their word and will understand the gravity of their responsibilities.

Talk To Those Who Are Hurting But Aren’t Saying Anything

 When someone on your team has an issue, they may not feel comfortable coming to you for help. Low motivation, ineffectiveness, excessive stress, and inability to concentrate might indicate that someone is struggling.