How to avoid the problems of incorrect artificial intelligence usage?

Recently, the problem of using artificial intelligence for the purpose of disinformation has become increasingly acute in the world. One of the most striking examples of the negative manifestation of progress in this area is a new category of falsifications called deep fake. Thus, this post will explain the positive side of implementation without violating anyone’s privacy. 

Improve customer’s experience with the help of AI

Generative AI can be used to improve the customer experience through capabilities such as chatbots, virtual assistants, intelligent contact centers, personalization and content moderation. You can improve your employees’ productivity, including through AI-powered generative conversational search, content creation, and text summarization. 

You can improve business operations with intelligent document processing, service assistants, quality control and visual inspection, and synthetic generation of training data. Finally, you can use generative AI to speed up the production of all types of creative content, from art and music to text, animation, video and image creation.

Generate nude images from photographs

Nudify is a type of AI tool used to create nude images from photographs of people wearing clothes. Based on the available picture, the network “guesses” what the human body presumably looks like under clothes. While people are just wondering how to react to this, a whole commercial segment has already grown from websites and Telegram bots that offer to see margot robbie nude based on photographs.

It should be remembered that neural networks, although they are called AI, are still not intelligence but are an algorithm that will attach boobs to a photo of a bear or a lamppost if you upload it. Therefore, the user is responsible for the correct selection of pictures to feed to the machine.